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Pacific Coast Commercial Welcomes Nine Former SVN Agents to Our Team

Pacific Coast Commercial and TCN Worldwide Welcomes Nine Former SVN Asset Advisory Group Associates

Pacific Coast Commercial, a leading provider of San Diego commercial real estate brokerage and property management services, is pleased to welcome former SVN Asset Advisory Group associates to our team. The group of nine associates present a substantial opportunity for synergies, which will result in an increase of portfolios and innovation within our firm.

Covering all property types and markets, the agents will continue to serve their commercial clients in every city in San Diego County. The new members of the Pacific Coast Commercial and TCN Worldwide team are:

- Jim Taylor, Director, Multifamily and Investment Sales

- Rick Hardy, Associate Vice President, Industrial, Office, and Investments

- Lesha Montoya, Associate Vice President, All Asset Types

- Dottie Surdi, Associate Vice President, Retail and Office

- Dennis Leslie, Associate Vice President, Multifamily and Investment Sales

- Yolanda Deriquer, Director of International Sales & Leasing

- Krista Berger, Multifamily & Investment Sales

- Todd Parks, Sales and Leasing Associate, Retail and Office

- Weston Card, Multifamily and Investment Sales

“Jim Taylor, former Co-Found and Managing Director of SVN/AAG and I have collaborated and gained a mutual respect for many years now, and the decision to join teams was a logical next step for both parties involved. Together we will have some of the most respected, recognized and successful commercial real estate agents in San Diego County. The integration of SVN associates offers significant value to our team and clients as it strengthens our presence and leadership position in the industry,” stated Vince Provenzano, President of Brokerage at Pacific Coast Commercial.

Both Provenzano and Taylor have gained industry-wide recognition for their visionary practices, energetic leadership, and commitment to personalized service. Together, the combined group of associates are expected to execute triple the amount of sale and lease transactions than in previous years.

The former SVN office in Mission Valley will remain a satellite office for all Pacific Coast Commercial and TCN Worldwide employees, while the property at 10721 Treena Street in Scripps Ranch will continue to serve as the company headquarters.

Pacific Coast Commercial, partner of TCN Worldwide is a leading provider of San Diego commercial real estate brokerage and property management services, consisting of 41 commercial real estate professionals, closing 579 transactions in 2019 and approximately 5.6 million square feet of commercial space under management.

Our partner, TCN Worldwide is an alliance of top independent brokerage firms serving more than 200 markets around the globe, consisting of 1,500+ brokers and salespeople, and resulting in over $41.3 billion transactions and 110 million square feet under property management.

For more information about Pacific Coast Commercial and TCN Worldwide contact Vince Provenzano at 619-469-3600 or visit


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