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Congratulations Cheri Crepeau! Awarded CPM of the Year

Pacific Coast Commercial is thrilled to congratulate Cheri Crepeau on her award as CPM of the year! Earning this prestigious award demonstrates Cheri’s superb commitment to, and passion for, good management.

Cheri has been a certified property manager (CPM) since 2006 with 20 years of experience in the professional management of all types of properties. Cheri specializes in self-storage operations and management as Regional Manager for the Self-Storage Department at Pacific Coast Commercial.

Pacific Coast Commercial is also designated by IREM as one of the 527 accredited management firms (AMO) representing 560 offices worldwide and currently has three CPMs on staff.

More than ever before, investors and owners must select professional management teams for their properties with care. AMO and CPM are the mark of distinction among real estate management firms today. IREM’s firm members provide the ethical standards, professional expertise, CPM professionalism, and financial stability required in today’s competitive real estate market.


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