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From hiring the right personnel to mastering the books, self storage facility management can be a daunting task. Because self storage is seemingly simple compared to managing other businesses, it’s essential to see the bigger picture to be successful.


If you’d rather focus more on ownership and less on the trials and errors of management, let our expertise work for you. We offer consulting that helps get you set up for success. During our time together we get things in order so that your business has the right team and systems in place.

Feasibility Study

A complete comprehensive study of the market to include existing property status, pricing, photos, demographic analysis, 10 financial analysis of cash returns, value analysis, and expectations; this is an additional fee service.


Conducting a self-storage feasibility study should be looked at as more than just determining the viability of a specific location or market area for your project. It should be viewed as the process of determining if you really are suited to be in the self-storage business along with the analysis of the specific location you have identified. The completed study should provide you with a road map to self-storage success or an objective warning telling you not to build on the location.


Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines "feasible" as 1) capable of being done or carried out; 2) capable of being used or dealt with successfully: suitable; 3) reasonable, likely--synonym: see possible. When you consider this definition, it really captures the essence of performing a feasibility study for a self-storage site. Consideration needs to be given to whether you are capable of completing the project and carrying out all of the steps necessary to successfully develop a facility in today's competitive environment.


The following list contains the areas of concentration included in the feasibility study: Click here to view

Financial Auditing

A full audit is performed on a quarterly basis. Audits include a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the building, Collections evaluation and review of all units in lien status, accounting of all funds, evaluation of financial status with rental rates, cost per square footage analysis, daily procedures review, full walk-through of all units rented and vacant; we have a keen eye for identifying issues that may be keeping you from achieving the highest possible performance.

Operations Auditing

A full audit of all day to day operations on your project; in this audit we will review all aspects of your project other than Financial aspects, such as, curb appeal, access, marketing, web presence, branding, personnel, phone techniques, employee effectiveness, forms, rental methods etc.  In the end you will fully understand where potential issues lie and will have recommended corrective action.

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