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Property Management


Management Transition

Full service staffing to include hiring, training, all aspects of human resources – all staff members are employed by us. With this model owners are able to provide benefits to the staff which perhaps could be cost prohibited. Our costs are lower based on economies of scale.


Full training – all Managers are certified through the NSSA. Continuous training keeps all properties up to date with laws as well as operational issues.

Whether you have an existing property that is up and running / seasoned; or your property is in the conceptual / development phase, implementing our systems is fast and seamless. Obviously a seasoned property requires an entirely different skill set than does a project that has yet to be built; we can and have done both very successfully.


A full audit is performed on a quarterly basis. Audits include a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the building, Collections evaluation and review of all units in lien status, accounting of all funds, evaluation of financial status with rental rates, cost per square footage analysis, daily procedures review, full walk-through of all units rented and vacant; we have a keen eye for identifying issues that may be keeping you from achieving the highest possible performance.

Annual Budgeting

Complete preparation of annual property budgets includes financial analysis of the market, past history and forecast for the following year. Full breakdown of all expense items with bids included for all maintenance, repairs or replacement items, a cost analysis of property insurance and coverage. We also identify any large capital improvements and prepare a long range reserve analysis with recommended annual reserve dedication.  

Marketing Campaign

Based on your property budget, our marketing campaign would include; Website review / design, signage, internet development to increase your properties presence, external advertising and site branding.


All accounts payable and receivables are handled directly through our office.


A monthly report will be delivered on the 15th of each month.  Reports include a recap by the Property Manager, all financial reports, budget comparison, month to month income comparison and bank statements and payables accountability.  

Weekly Property Inspections

Our Property Managers will be onsite on a weekly basis to walk the project and meet with staff. In addition, all Managers onsite will complete a weekly walk-through that will document the condition of all the units, maintenance issues that need immediate attention, and safety issues.  Our property manager / regional manager are available to the on-site staff at all times to answer any operational questions or issues that may need supervision.

Rental Agreement

Based on Attorney review and recommendation, we provide the most up to date rental agreement.  Also included in our rental forms are all Rules and Regulation for each individual property.


All auction paperwork is reviewed for accuracy based on the California Lien Law guidelines.  A full checklist is completed and signed off by the Property Manager. Locks are cut and an inventory is prepared by the Property Manager and staff member. All public auctions are attended by the Property Manager.  Auctions are an important factor in the proper operation of your property and must be held in strict accordance with all laws; this is something we pay very close attention to.

Ancillary Services - Upon Request

Uhaul Dealership

Electronic and Recycling

Document Shredding

Clothing collection bins

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